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The thought of having a root canal can be an intimidating one, especially considering the treatment’s reputation for being a painful experience. At My Family Dental, we understand the anxiety that surrounds this service, but want to reassure you that our advanced anaesthesia and highly skilled and friendly team make the process a comfortable one. In fact, many of our patients who’ve undergone a root canal are surprised at how “easy” the treatment is!

When Is A Root Canal Necessary?

A root canal procedure may be recommended by your dentist in Deltona if you exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Severe sensitivity to hot or cold

  • Intense toothache, especially when chewing

  • Swelling or tenderness

  • An abscess or pimple on the gums

It’s important to note that some patients may exhibit no symptoms at all, making regular dental checkups vitally important.

Reasons for Root Canal - Deep Decay, Tooth Damage, Injury, Previous Dental Work

What Dental Problems Create The Need For A Root Canal?

The following dental issues may necessitate the need for a root canal treatment:

  • An untreated cavity that leads to deep decay

  • Chips or cracks in the tooth

  • Injury to the tooth

  • Multiple dental procedures on a single tooth

A Painless Process

With modern and advanced technology and medicine, root canal treatments are comfortable and highly effective. Are you in need of this restorative procedure? We invite you to Contact our highly skilled and compassionate dentist in Deltona today!