Our Practice

From day one, this dental practice was built on one presiding theme – our patients’ comfort and care will always be most important, no compromises. By viewing patients as members of one large family, our ability to keep their best interests first comes naturally. We are successful because of our wonderful patients; these individuals are of all ages and contribute to the personal touch and feel of our office.

Dr. James Kornegay and our dental care team have specific training to cover all areas of general and family dentistry. We offer cosmetic services, periodontal therapy, emergency care, prosthodontics, minor oral surgery, implant restorations, and many other restorative procedures.

We encourage each patient to be involved in their own treatment and to ask questions. We feel this improves the process of the patient obtaining optimal dental and oral health, which allows for great dialogue between the patient, our dentists, and our team. We go above and beyond to make sure that each person feels like a member of our family and we look forward to maintaining a healthy relationship for many years to come.

The dental team at My Family Dental
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Mission Statement

We believe our patients deserve beautiful, healthy smiles. Our mission is to deliver sensitive and personal service in a warm and caring environment. We go the extra mile, always. Our patients have unrivaled standards and exemplary commitment to their long-term oral health and demonstrate their enthusiasm by referring friends and family. As team players, we are willing to do whatever it takes to help our patients reach their goals. We take pride in being the best at what we do.

Exceptional Dental Team

Our Greatest Asset

Only the best people will do in every area. These are people who are excited about that they are doing; are motivated to achieve results; have high standards of quality and integrity; are interested in being long-term contributors; and possess a caring and giving spirit. An individual’s responsibility always exceeds a specific job assignment. Personal initiative and getting along with fellow team members is vital. We must have the same caring attitude toward each other as we do for our patients. Caring for our patients and caring for each other go hand in hand.

Promotional Philosophy

Our Key To Success

We will market our practice to attract patients who want and appreciate complete, comprehensive dental care. The best way to reach these people is through excited, satisfied patients who naturally tell others about our office. We must, therefore, provide our patients with an experience in our office they will be excited about. Invite, invite, invite, and show pride in being the best.

Superior Dental Care

Valued For Our Quality And Concern

We will give the highest quality dental care and service possible. We believe teeth and a healthy mouth are important to everyone’s self-esteem. Our patients deserve to have the most functional, aesthetically pleasing, biologically sound dentition and tissue that is technically possible to achieve. We must, therefore, give a complete, thorough, diagnostic examination to all new patients. We will also take the time to be sure they understand what corrective dental care is needed. We must help them want the dental care they need. We will always do these things in a caring, concerned environment.


The Measure Of Success

We will maintain a productive and profitable practice. We will expect fair compensation for superior care and service. We must be proud of our fees, as they reflect the quality of care we give. A priority is the maintenance of balance between profitability and service. We feel certain that by doing good to others it will return to us.

Continuing Education

Change And Growth

Dentistry and the needs of our patients are ever-changing. We must continue to learn and be willing to change and grow. We and our patients will be cheated if our education and growth stop. We must strive to be the best we can be. We will not be afraid to change.


Creating An Enjoyable, Fertile Environment

We will lead by example and deed. Our practice will provide support, feedback, and leadership to promote growth and long-term commitment from each employee. Our standards will always be set high so that our employees strive for new levels of expertise and are encouraged to reach new heights. We will create an environment where people enjoy coming to work, so, through determination, commitment, and teamwork, we will all reach our full potential.

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