Your Dentist In Deltona Offers Nitrous Oxide To Reduce Dental Anxiety

Otherwise known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a safe and effective mild sedative commonly used by dentists to help calm patients who experience stress or anxiety during their visits.

Administered through a small mask that fits over the nose, patients inhale a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide that quickly creates a euphoric, almost immediate relaxed effect, helping patients who may otherwise avoid dental visits to have their oral health cared for. Patients are alert, in full control, and able to respond to questions from their dental team.

When Is Nitrous Oxide Used?

Some of the most common situations in which nitrous oxide may be used:

  • Assessing or treating a patient who is anxious or fearful
  • Helping patients who experience strong gag reflexes when dental instruments are placed in their mouth
  • Offering sedation to patients who do not respond appropriately to local anaesthetic
  • Calming younger patients who need to undergo lengthy dental treatments

While many patients may benefit from the use of nitrous oxide, it’s important to note that there are circumstances when its use is not recommended, including during the first trimester of a pregnancy, when a patient has a history of substance abuse, or if a patient has a respiratory disease.

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