Get a Professional Digital X-Ray From Your Dentist In Deltona

Digital x-rays are an effective tool in helping dentists evaluate your oral health. Also known as a dental radiograph, dental x-rays use low levels of radiation to capture visual images of the inside of your mouth and teeth, assessing areas that may require dental attention.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays can help dental experts identify a number of potential oral health problems not visible with an oral exam.

For example:

  • Symptoms of gum disease
  • Small areas of tooth decay, especially between teeth
  • Decay that occurs under an existing filling
  • A patient’s bone density levels
  • Infections occurring at the root of a tooth
  • Tracking the development of children’s teeth, making sure that the teeth are growing correctly in the mouth
  • Assessing space when wisdom teeth start to emerge
  • Monitoring the condition of bone health prior to a tooth implant procedure
  • As part of routine check-ups, especially when experiencing pain or discomfort

Digital x-rays are also helpful in offering a baseline record for dentists to compare any oral health changes that may happen over time.

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