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Do you wake up with a headache from clenching or grinding your teeth at night? Your nightguard dentist in Deltona knows that chronic Bruxism is an extremely common condition in which individuals grind their teeth while they sleep. Many people who suffer from Bruxism aren’t even aware that they’re experiencing the condition.

Left unchecked, the destructive condition can lead to several long-term oral health problems and wreak havoc on your teeth. Thankfully, the team at My Family Dental offers custom-fitted nightguards that can protect your teeth while you sleep.

Dental Nightguard Benefits - Protect Teeth, Prevent Grinding Damage, Achieve Peaceful Sleep, Customized Comfort

Reasons To Wear A Dental Nightguard

Many people grind their teeth from time to time, but prolonged bouts that develop into a long-term habit can be a huge problem for oral health as it can lead to tooth enamel degradation, broken teeth, and tooth loss.

Most people who suffer from Bruxism aren’t aware they have the condition. Here are a few of the tell-tale symptoms sufferers experience:

  • Chronic headaches upon waking

  • Wearing down of teeth

  • Jaw soreness

  • Facial pain

  • Fatigue from a lack of sleep

Custom-made nightguards fit your mouth comfortably, protect teeth, and help wearers achieve a peaceful night of rest. They provide an even level of pressure over your jaw, and act as a barrier between the upper and lower teeth to prevent grinding damage.

There’s no need to suffer from jaw pain and dental damage because of teeth clenching or grinding. If you suspect that you have Bruxism, Call your nightguard dentist in Deltona today! We would be happy to provide a customized mouthguard fitted to your individual needs.